Lewisville Historical Society – Mission

The purpose of the Lewisville Historical Society shall be to discover, collect and promote the preservation of Lewisville history and preserve its historic landmarks.


Upcoming Events

“History and Future of the New Shallow Ford State Historic Site”
Monday, July 10, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.
Mary Alice Warren Community Center
(7632 Warren Park Drive, Lewisville, NC)

Announcement:  The Historic George Elias Nissen House in Lewisville, ca. 1876, is now restored with Heritage Gardens.  Contact us to schedule your event in this unique country Victorian venue!  Website: www.nissenhouse.org; facebook.com/Historic Nissen House; Phone: 336-946-6504; email: nissenhouseinfo@gmail.com.  The Nissen House is located at 213 Arrow Leaf Drive, Lewisville, NC  27023.



“The Lewisville Historical Society has regular Membership Meetings which include programs of interest and the public is invited.  The meetings are held the second Monday night of the odd numbered months (January, March, May, July, September and November) at 6:00 p.m. at the Mary Alice Warren Community Center (7632  Warren Park Drive, Lewisville, NC  27023).  We would love to see you there!
For more information, please contact us at history@lewisvillehistory.org or 336-766-5842.”


Want to get involved?

We need volunteers in all areas: Archives, Oral History Project, Marker Project, Tours, Festival Planning, Fundraising, Membership, Board, Sales, Website, Research, Nissen House Restoration Project.
If you are interested, you may email us at history@lewisvillehistory.org

We are looking for the following

for our Archives Collection:

We need photographs of historic houses, families, schools, churches, community events, etc. We are looking for Information, Newspaper Articles, Scrapbooks, School Albums, Genealogies, Memorabilia, Business Histories, Church Histories, deeds, and other documents.
If you have anything to donate or share you may email us at history@lewisvillehistory.org

Lewisville Historical Society Archives are now open to the public!

Attention, genealogists and researchers! The Lewisville Historical Society has its Archives Collection available for use by the public at the Lewisville Branch Library (6490 Shallowford Road in Lewisville). They are in files in the Copier Center/History Room behind the Circulation Desk. The Collection includes genealogies, newspaper articles, maps, pictures, event flyers, and other historical documents. There are many articles from our local papers, such as The Clemmons Courier, Journal West, and Clemmons Journal which are not available anywhere else. We also have an art display of historic buildings in Lewisville. 

Photo of the Sunny Acres House built in the 1930s by Miss Anna Ogburn of Winston-Salem, a Methodist philanthropist.  It was located where the Oaks at Lewisville Shopping Center is now, at the corner of Shallowford and Williams Roads.  The large building was originally used to house groups of underprivileged children from Winston-Salem for a week’s stay in the country during the summer.  It later became a Methodist Church Retreat, and even later a community center and a location for local businesses.  It served as the first location of the Lewisville Branch of the Forsyth County Public Library which was established in 1970 in the side porch with a space of 600 square feet and over 3,000 books. The Sunny Acres Center was removed in the 1980s because of termite damage.


“Lewisville Historical Society History In Photos”



Lewisville Historical Society

Board Members and Committee Chairs 2021-2022

Board of Directors

Merrikay Brown, President
Derrick Beauchamp, Vice President
Dan Frey, Treasurer
Terry Shore, Assistant Treasurer
Kathy Ewalt, Secretary
Open, Assistant Secretary
Mary Gaines, Director-at-Large
Joyce Walker, Membership Chair




Archives Committee

Merrikay Brown, Chair
Margaret Lee, Sorting Committee Chair
Dee Cockerham
Dan Frey
Darla Johnson
Dottie Sayers
Kay Vance

Communications Committee

Candy Morris, Chair
Merrikay Brown

Fundraising Committee

Candy Morris, Co-Chair
Joyce Walker, Co-Chair
Larry Morris

Internet Committee

Merrikay Brown, Chair

Historical Marker Committee

Merrikay Brown, Chair
Mary Gaines
Darla Johnson
Mary Alice Warren

Membership Committee

Joyce Walker, Chair

Nissen House Steering Committee

Mary Gaines, Co-Chair
Susan Linker, Co-Chair
Merrikay Brown, Co-Chair
Darla Johnson
Margaret Lee
Mary Alice Warren

Nissen Wagon Museum Committee

Susan Linker, Co-Chair
Murray Linker, Co-Chair

Oral History Project

Merrikay Brown, Chair
Dot Adams
Mary Gaines
Darriell Hauser
Herbert Hudson
Judy Hudson
Darla Johnson
Margaret Lee
Tom Lee
Jerry Loafman
Susan Linker
Joyce Walker

Preservation Committee

Merrikay Brown, Chair
Darla Johnson
Sally Jones
Mary Alice Warren

Program Committee

Derrick Beauchamp, Chair

Publicity Committee

Merrikay Brown, Chair

Sales Committee

Merrikay Brown, Chair

Ad Hoc Committee

Merrikay Brown, Co-Chair
Andrew Mackie, Co-Chair
Tabatha Gilyard
Andy Kelly
Derrick Beauchamp
Ann Shelton Black
Darla Johnson

Great Wagon Road Celebration Committee

Joyce Walker, Chair
Merrikay Brown
Dan Frey
Kathy Ewalt

“All LHS members may attend meetings of the Board of Directors.  The Board normally meets on the first Monday of every month except September and December.  

Please use the following contacts to get in touch with the Board: 

Email: history@lewisvillehistory.org; Phone:  336-766-5842.